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Ic Investigations

IC Investigations offer an unmatched variety in the investigative services we offer. Our investigative company provides every operative with the means to carry out their job to the highest level, which means giving each investigator rigorous, thorough training in every investigative service we provide.

No matter the task, our private investigators are given every tool to succeed – including being backed up with some of the latest, most advanced technology available.

Our UK private investigators carry out operations all across the UK. We recognize that no two clients are ever the same, and we tailor our services for both corporate and private clients.

With years of experience, our qualified and professional team of private investigators – also known as detectives – are here to help. Our operators are all highly specialised & have pooled together over two decades of experience from law enforcement, military and security backgrounds.

We are well equipped to handle most issues that a potential client may have, and if you think a private investigator could help with your case then don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule your initial consultation today.

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

At IC Investigations, it’s our job to apply decades of experience to whatever situation requires it. There are many situations where a private investigator is necessary

Cheating Partner

If you have suspicions about your partner and their activities, you may require peace of mind – or evidence of an illicit affair. If you have your suspicions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Child Protection

As a parent, it’s understandable that you may be concerned about the contact your children are having with your ex’s new partner. If you want to know if they are who they say they are, or if your child is being left alone, a private investigator may help with any of your concerns.

Home Help

Do you have an elderly relative who is receiving care in their home? Do you suspect theft, neglect or abuse? We can help by placing covert cameras (also known as a spy camera) to monitor and gather conclusive evidence.


Have you been scammed or conned? Do you have staff who you suspect are stealing company property? Do you believe your sales staff may be poaching clients behind your back? Do you have employees who are on the sick but you suspect are working elsewhere? Through a covert fraud investigation, we can provide the answers – and evidence – that you will need to build a case against them.

Business Intelligence

If you need information and intelligence on a new business partner or potential client or need to gain the upper hand in your business, then our Investigative Company Edinburgh thorough and diligent background checks can minimise the risks posed to your business.

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance can quite often be required by a broad range of people for a number of reasons. Subjects of surveillance can be wealthy or influential people who may find themselves under surveillance from criminals. The motives for criminal surveillance can be highly dangerous and can be committed by financially motivated criminals or a personally motivated stalker. These risks can involve kidnap, burglary, tiger kidnap and carjacking. Similarly, business rivals can gather information for potentially damaging actions against your company. 

Our specialist operatives will identify any form of physical surveillance that our client is under, which allows us to implement the measures necessary to counter such activity.

Cohabitation Investigations

Are you a landlord who suspects the person renting your property is sub-letting?

Do you suspect your ex-partner is living with someone else in breach of your divorce settlement?

Are you concerned that your children are living with a convicted sex offender or criminal?

Any of these issues are worth bringing to IC Investigations. With our world-class covert surveillance and investigation process, we can deliver the proof you need for whatever situation you find yourself facing.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

You may suspect someone is not being honest about where they are or where they have been. If you’ve noticed excessive fuel consumption on a vehicle, it may be worth the peace of mind to have it investigated further. Our Investigation Company Glasgow most common client issues involve:

Teenage children whose whereabouts you are concerned about, or who they are associating with.

A partner who has been vague about their movements or has acted suspiciously.

As a business owner, you may have noticed unusual or excessive mileage on a company vehicle that suggests abuse.

GPS Trackers are a cost-effective, discreet and efficient way to monitor vehicles and assets remotely. Hire our private Investigators in Edinburgh now.


We offer a professional, diligent and reliable service. We serve a variety of documents for our clients. Hire a private Investigator in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough or anywhere in UK now.

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